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Child Care Subsidy Information

The City of Hamilton (Public Health and Social Services Department) provides child care subsidy to eligible families, depending on a number of variables. In order to obtain child care subsidy, parents must schedule an appointment with the Child Care Subsidy department, where they will be asked a number of questions to determine their eligibility. Parents may continue to be responsible for a daily fee, but it is based on the individual circumstances of the family. Once subsidy has been approved, parents are responsible for the following:

  • written confirmation of subsidy approval from the City of Hamilton must be provided to the Supervisor, prior to the child’s enrolment
  • a parent contribution, which is determined by the City of Hamilton, must be paid to the Supervisor of the child care program, according to the fee schedule
  • a detailed note to the child care staff, whenever a child is absent from the child care program
  • payment of fees for any absences not covered by subsidy (i.e. absences in excess of the allotted number of days established by the City, or sick days where the appropriate documentation was not provided or was not acceptable
  • failure to attend subsidy appointments may result in loss of subsidy
  • fulfilling all of the requirements of the subsidy contract necessary to maintain the subsidy
  • if parents become ineligible for child care subsidy, they then become responsible for paying the full child care fees to the centre

To find out more about child care subsidy, please call (905) 546-4870.


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